These two will be getting married in July in Burlington, Iowa. They drove up to Des Moines for their engagement session and we chose an urban setting that was sure to be a hit. How great do they look in Downtown Des Moines?  Thanks Melissa and Sam for spending the afternoon with me!

2013-03-12_0006.jpg 2013-03-12_0005.jpg 2013-03-12_0004.jpg 2013-03-12_0003.jpg 2013-03-12_0002.jpg 2013-03-12_0001.jpg 2013-03-12_0008.jpg

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Hola! You know what’s awesome? Having a GORGEOUS wedding in Mexico! I wish I could do it all over again….this group was amazing. They all shared an incredible experience with Chris and Jenny on the sunny beach. They danced until they dropped ( and MAN did they dance!),  they swam, they drank, and they celebrated the love between these two.


Experience this journey through their day at the Barcelo Maya Tropical Resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico! Enjoy!
2013-03-10_0060 2013-03-10_0061 2013-03-10_0062 2013-03-10_0064 2013-03-10_0063 2013-03-10_0065 2013-03-10_0066 2013-03-10_0067 2013-03-10_0068 2013-03-10_0069 2013-03-10_0072 2013-03-10_0070 2013-03-10_0071 2013-03-10_0073 2013-03-10_0075 2013-03-10_0077 2013-03-10_0074 2013-03-10_0078 2013-03-10_0079 2013-03-10_0076 2013-03-10_0080 2013-03-10_0081 2013-03-10_0095 2013-03-10_0082 2013-03-10_0083 2013-03-10_0084 2013-03-10_0085 2013-03-10_0086 2013-03-10_0087 2013-03-10_0088 2013-03-10_0089 2013-03-10_0090 2013-03-10_0098 2013-03-10_0096 2013-03-10_0092 2013-03-10_0091 2013-03-10_0093 2013-03-10_0099 2013-03-10_0094 2013-03-10_0097

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Oh boy…

If you’ve been to Rescued Junk, then you know how exciting this is!  Rescued Junk is turning up the heat for 2013 Brides in the Des Moines area. If you need help styling, they have you covered. Looks like they are also offering rentals if needed. Would love to see what they do!

You can see their annoucement here.

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Aimee and Tom are in love. They celebrated their special day with friends and family in the beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. We loved traveling there to shoot their special day!

Wedding: St. Thomas the Apostle, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reception: Rush Creek Golf Course, Maple Grove, Minnesota













This wedding was just amazing. Gorgeous bride and groom, fun wedding party, and just oozing with love! Beautiful reception held at Happy Apple Orchard in Norwalk. Just beautiful. Lots of photos here…enjoy! Congrats Meghan and Jake!


Wedding: St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Norwalk, Iowa

Reception: Happy Apple Celebrations, Norwalk, Iowa

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I’ve taken numerous photos of this little gal. It sure is fun watching her grow. Mom used to work at Bauder’s Pharamacy on Ingersoll, so we went there for the end of our shoot. Had to have some photos of Kennedy drinking her milkshake!

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This is one GREAT mama! She works, she gardens, but most of all, she mothers this little man and she’s fantastic! I loved seeing their connection…lucky family!

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Is there anything prettier than this newborn baby girl?

She wasn’t even two weeks old when these were taken, and she’s already got mom and dad wrapped around her finger.

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What’s more beautiful than this gal? Nothing darlin’

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